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How it works

If you meet all the requirements and are first in line, we will contact you to show you an apartment. Before viewing, a credit report is always taken, where you must not have any outstanding remarks.


If you have previous debts that have been paid off, you can in exceptional cases cover a rental agreement if a creditor participates.


Most often, heating and cold water are included in the rental fee, while electricity, hot water and broadband are added. Don't forget that as a tenant you must take out your own home insurance.

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Interested in renting a home from us? Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as there is a vacancy that would suit you!

Rent your apartment

When you rent your home from us, we want you together in the household to have a combined monthly income that corresponds to three times the monthly rent.


If you are going to rent an apartment with a monthly rent of eight thousand kroner, we want you to together have a monthly income of at least twenty-four thousand kroner before tax.

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